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Carol Jacky, 33, is a proud mama of an incredible 3 year old. She has been creating art since she was very little. Her father, Jose Alvarado, is an artist and she likes to say that he was her "Art School". He taught her everything she knows. After working hard as a tattoo artist for years she is so excited to pursue a dream she's always had- to open up her own shop.

Here we are!

She loves tattooing blackwork, black and grey realism, neotraditional (in either color or black and grey), and ornamental pieces. She is always open to other styles and all sizes. Her favorite thing to do is freehand florals.

Unfortunately, she chooses not to work on coverups or lettering (unless the lettering is a very small part of a bigger piece we're working on).

For any general questions, please contact the shop (848) 229-2630 or email us at

Carol Jacky: Portfolio
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