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Iron & Pine Tattoo Co. was founded by Shawn Hannon and Carol Jacky in 2022. Their intention is to create an open and comfortable environment that welcomes anyone that walks through the front door of their Tattoo Shop. Whether a person is just curious and wants to learn more about the process or is looking to set up a time to get the tattoo they've always wanted- Carol and Shawn treat everyone with respect and go above and beyond to create beautiful, clean and high quality pieces while offering a great experience. Being in the industry for almost a decade each, they exceed in bringing your ideas into reality. They love their job, they love the people and it truly shows.

They chose to open shop in Metuchen, NJ because they love how the town embraces and supports art. They are thrilled to have the opportunity to show everyone in this town and others around it that tattooing is a beautiful form of art and expression. 

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